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Waddayado when you’ve been around the block a few times, toured the world playing music, have careers but still can’t make ends meet? Start a podcast! Waddayagonna is about two middle age guys trying to figure out what to do with their lives. We talk to people who are doing exceptional things. We wanna learn how to make passive income, live comfortably, do the things you wanna do and hopefully get to live out our later years in the tropics. Stephen Hamm and Terry Russell are two old friends who’ve known each other for over thirty five years and this is Waddayagonnado!

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Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

Today I used green beans in my shake instead of the usual mixture of pinto / kidney / black beans that I usually use. It was really nasty. Big win for the day? .. 2nd consecutive morning blog. Not much else in the above and beyond category. 6 more sleeps until my Holiday.

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Back at’er

Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

I just had a wonderful 5-day weekend. We celebrated 10 years of blissful marriage. I got to read an entire novel in one day, mostly in a deck chair in our yard. I got to sleep in until I was too bored to stay in bed. It was awesome. I caught my breath, and brought my blood pressure down several notches.

Now it is back to work. Today is the first day of my new position at a higher pay grade. I only have to put in 6 days before I fly away to Saskatchewan for 2 weeks, so I think I can get through it without getting too stressed.

I weighed in at 263.4 lbs this morning. I was down to 240 less than 6 weeks ago. How long will it take to get those 20+ pounds back?

Oh! One more thing. I want to focus on becoming a checklist guy. I have talked about it from day one of this podcast, along with several goals that I have already failed to meet. Fuck-up; Get-up;Keep moving.


The saga continues – let’s see if I can get back to the daily blog thing too. This is a morning blog – I shall endeavour to keep my posts as a morning thing too.

Have a swell day, folks.

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Episode Thirty-Two – Bloody Betty

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in 32 - Episode Thirty-two - Bloody Betty, Podcasts | 0 comments

Ep32BBtnMeet Bloody Betty.  For over a dozen years, she has been spilling so much blood, she needs slaves to mop it all up.  The guys risk dismemberment to talk to her about the ins and outs of being the Queen of Gorelesque.  She has a big birthday party planned, and everyone is invited.  Come on down to Lana Lou’s if you dare.  The last Saturday of every month.

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