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Hey everybody welcome to Waddayagonnado!  When Terry approached me about doing a podcast with him I jumped at the chance.  We’ve been buds for a very long time.  We’ve played in bands like Slow, Ogre, Tankhog, the Power Failures, The Orientals (not so proud of that name!) and Canned Hamm.  Sometimes we travel this journey called life together and sometimes we tend to grow apart.


It seems like we’ve rejoined at a crossroads in our live.  Both in our late fourties (I’m three months older than Terry), we’ve come to the realization we’ve done some cool stuff over the years, playing music together, travelling ect. but what’s next?


I’ve made ends meet by doing construction, working for the City of Vancouver Waterworks, doing sound editing and music composition for film, and acting on both stage and screen.  Generally entertaining folks.  It’s a real hodgepodge.  But I’m at a place where financially it’s a struggle.  I’m not complaining mind you I’m in good health (could always loose a few pounds, I’m sure we’ll talk about that!) I have a beautiful home that I’m renting but rent is expensive. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world but I can’t really afford to live here in Vancouver.


How am I gonna make ends meet and put a bit aside because I gotta face it I’m not getting any younger!


So that’s where this podcast comes in.  Terry’s idea is let’s talk to people who are making passive income.  Who aren’t working too hard and prospering.  That sounds all fine and dandy to me.  I’m thinking probably a bit smaller but that might be out of fear.  See I’ve been trained to get a nine to five job be happy with it and don’t go beyond that.   The only problem is I already have.  I got lots I want to do with my life and it starts here.


I’m hoping this podcast will help me meet new people,


reaquaint myself with some old friends figure out how to do stuff I wanna do and put some of my already acquired skills to work.


Since starting working on this project I’ve done all of those.  I’ve talked to new people, hooked up with some old friends and learned how to put together a podcast!  So that’s our mandate. Along the way we get to tell some stories that our immediate friends are sick of hearing and hopefully have a few laughs.  I’m excited.  Hope you are too.


Welcome aboard!  I hope you enjoy Waddayagonnado!


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