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Finding the Energy

I’m tired. I have really been focusing on getting to be earlier. One would expect to be more energized from more sleep. Instead, it feels like I am simply rested enough to feel my fatigue. When I am operating with a major sleep deficit, I am tired, but I also have a well of adrenaline to draw from, and a certain numbness to the pain of being really tired. Now I feel slightly behind. I am rested enough to be fully aware of how tired I feel. On the positive front, I have just started to incorporate shakes back into my diet. Hopefully the high protein + greens in the morning will pep me up. Once I get working out, that will boost my metabolism as well. For now I am in the “dread” stage of getting back to my workouts. I really don’t want to start, but I know it will make me feel a lot better in just a week or two.

Tomorrow I have Liquor Kings practice, so there will be some solid cardio there. Until then, I have plenty to do, and I am rested enough to do it without being totally stressed.

Pitter patter..

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