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Back to School

It’s been a long time since I attended public school, but the timetable is burned into my psyche. The day after Labour Day is the start of a new year at a new grade. Ironically, if I was still in school, this year would be an exception, due to the ruthless union busting tactics in play by our provincial government, but I digress. Also, since my workweek starts on a Tuesday, instead of a Monday, I had an extra day before reality started to close in on me.

This morning, as I woke to my alarm, I heard the sound of our furnace kicking into gear. It is the first time in months. Summer is over. Winter is coming. I have a lot of fear, as I tend to put pressure on myself. What are my goals for this upcoming month?

Back on my 4-hour body plan. I am dreading my first workout, but I know it will feel good to get back up to speed. I just had my first yummy bean/protein shake in months this morning. I am also trying to incorporate a rigid routine that so far includes making shakes and programing the coffee maker before I go to bed at night. Also, I aim to be ready for bed by 9PM. A good day starts the night before. It does feel good to wake up and have things ready for me, including a fresh pot of coffee. Other goals include completing my application for a UK passport, and re-jigging my banking practices.

Stay tuned kids, as I also aim to resume the daily blog, and the weekly WAYGD podcast.

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