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A Good Start

If you really want to start your day right, you gotta get on it before you go to bed.

Today I started the day making coffee and breakfast shakes in a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Yesterday I started the day in a clean kitchen with a pre-programmed pot of coffee brewing, and my breakfast shake waiting for me in the fridge. When it was time to get dressed, my clothes were ready for me. I had lots of time to blog, and drink coffee.

Today I have some slack because I still don’t snooze, and I am taking the car to work, but I lost a lot of time prepping coffee and shakes, and now I have to go digging for a wardrobe. No time for a leisurely Joe. It’s post the blog and go.

3 wins for the day.

  1. I didn’t snooze: when my alarm goes off, I get up and get at it; mind you I woke up before my alarm, and reset it for 15 minutes later, but I didn’t hit the snooze button. This is one good habit I have managed to retain all summer, despite my diet and exercise plan falling by the wayside.
  2. I am blogging in the morning for the 3rd time in a row – much better than having to write something before I can go to bed.
  3. I did my 5 minute cold shower. I considered skipping it, but I feel so good when I actually do it. It also makes me more comfortable throughout the day, as my metabolism is much better at regulating my internal temperature.

Gotta go – have a swell day, kids.

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