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Back at’er

I just had a wonderful 5-day weekend. We celebrated 10 years of blissful marriage. I got to read an entire novel in one day, mostly in a deck chair in our yard. I got to sleep in until I was too bored to stay in bed. It was awesome. I caught my breath, and brought my blood pressure down several notches.

Now it is back to work. Today is the first day of my new position at a higher pay grade. I only have to put in 6 days before I fly away to Saskatchewan for 2 weeks, so I think I can get through it without getting too stressed.

I weighed in at 263.4 lbs this morning. I was down to 240 less than 6 weeks ago. How long will it take to get those 20+ pounds back?

Oh! One more thing. I want to focus on becoming a checklist guy. I have talked about it from day one of this podcast, along with several goals that I have already failed to meet. Fuck-up; Get-up;Keep moving.


The saga continues – let’s see if I can get back to the daily blog thing too. This is a morning blog – I shall endeavour to keep my posts as a morning thing too.

Have a swell day, folks.

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