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I’m Sick

199302_10150198671149913_7538795_nI’m sick this week. I got me a bad cold.  And what a week to get sick. I’m moving in a few days, I have the podcast to do I have an audio editing job I’m trying to finish before the move. It’s hard in this world where it’s almost demanded of us, or of ourselves to stay busy. We gotta make money, pay the bills. But what about down time when we’re sick? I look at it as such an inconvenience. You want me to shut down my life for three maybe four days? Do nothing? Just be sick?!
I read somewhere recently that if we’re unhealthy we get sick. This sounds obvious but hear me out. Getting sick is a good thing. What?
Yes it is. If our immune systems are in top form we don’t get sick. We fight off the virus and move on. But if that’s not the case the virus takes over and runs it’s course. It attacks weakened cells in our immune system and kills them. Then we create new healthy cells that eventually kill the virus. Getting sick ultimately makes us stronger. The dead cells are flushed out and we get better. It’s kinda like getting an oil change, except it takes a few days maybe a week or two but ultimately it helps us to be healthier. This is the case with the common cold and and flu. I’m not advocating for the anti immunization movement, I don’t think getting Polio is beneficial to your health.
But what’s wrong with taking a few days out of our busy lives to look after yourself? I try to do regular excersise, I try to eat right, get enough sleep. It’s amazing how these are the first things to go out the window in times of stress yet they are probably the most important things you can do to combat stress and getting and living sick.
Reluctantly I’ve done almost nothing for the last three days. I’ve caught up on some TV watching, I like Orange Is The New Black and I got to watch a couple movies, most exceptionally Beginners and Spring Breakers. I made a big pot of Tortilla Soup. It’s delicious and helping me mend. I’ve treated my self to some Ben and Jerry’s. It’s nice to have some down time and though the move is looming, I know I have some good friends I can depend on to help with that. So I can rest easy. It’s not so bad. Heck I might even take today off!!

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