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L.A. Story…part II By Jonathan Brown

If you read part 1 of my ‘guest blog visit’ you read that in the early 90’s I plunged headlong into the L.A. music scene. I’m still in the scene all these years later. But is hasn’t been a continuous ride nor has it been a solely musical adventure for me. I left L.A. in 1996 and returned to Vancouver. From 96-99-ish/2000 I toured Canada with a couple different bands. (More on that later). In 2000 I moved back to L.A. and have been rockin’ and rollin’ as a happily married drumming writer ever since.

When I initially reached out to Hamm he suggested I guest blog about my musical endeavor as well as my writing jaunt. So, kick back, put your feet up and dig this. Aside from penning my own blog I have written and self published a mystery novel. I know, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes saying, “Oh no, not another self publisher!” That’s ok I can dig your eye roll; and you’re right we live in a time where we scribes no longer have to rely on big publishing houses to get our books out. The problem is that the field is ‘full of us.’ To that I say, ‘c’est la vie’ and waddayagonnado? It is what it is.

While I was hangin’ and groovin’ in the early days I had a ton of wacky experiences and observed an S-load of kooky people. During this time I logged these ‘characters’ and events in my brain and even jotted down a few vignettes. Over time these vignettes hatched and later blossomed into my book: Crescendo…A Lou Crasher Mystery.

It is said that one should write about what one knows and I did just that…with a crap load of fabrication and poetic license tossed in. My story is about a middle of the road drummer name Lou Crasher that tumbles into the P.I. business while pursuing a girl. It begins innocently enough and then slowly builds and finally ah, Crescendos. My original plan was to have book launches in Vancouver and Los Angeles. I ended up scoring one for two. Los Angeles bookstores turned me down flat. The collective response was essentially; “dude we’ve never heard of you and therefor our venue is not available—to you.”  Happily Vancouver, the place where I came up welcomed me back with open arms (I’m being slightly dramatic). A bookstore in downtown Vancouver called The Paper Hound sent me a glowing response to my email inquiry. Alas, on September 21st/ 2013 The Paper Hound hosted my signing. It was awesome. I sold 50 books, yeehaw! Big thanks and Diggidy-doo to The Paper Hound and to all who showed up!

At the moment I’m just finishing book two in my series. I’ve been getting a ton of support from family and friends; I’ve got a new editor and gosh darn it I’m going two for two next time. I’m going to find a venue somewhere in city of angels as well as get-on-down in Vancouver and rock my next book launch!

According to the latest book-marketing book I’m reading readers want to get to know their authors. I can only imagine this applies to famous authors but what the heck? My life pops off like this: a couple hours of writing each day, add a few hours drumming, teach a few lessons, rehearse a couple times per week, train a couple fitness clients, martial arts a couple days per week, hang with the hot wife, go to bed and do it all over again. (Sorry about the run-on sentence, its just me exercising my right to poetic license again.) Oh yeah, I don’t really dig long walks on the beach–medium distance walks are cool, but long walks–uh uh. Thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah, one more shameless plug:

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