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A Time Of Renewal

Christmas is upon us once again. I am not a religious person so it’s observance for me is lip service. New Years rings hollow for me as well. A construct and an excuse for a party.
To me winter solstice has a lot more meaning. This is the time when the sun dips lowest in the sky the day is shortest and the night long. Over the last three months the daylight has been dwindling and though they are for me often the most productive months ultimately solstice signifies the death of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. When I’m in touch with this cycle of our planet as it arcs around our sun in the heavens, when I pay attention to the relationship of the moon, of the planets in the sky I’m more in touch with the ecosystem and the universe that I am apart of. When I feel the ebb and flow of life I feel more apart of and connected to the world around me.
In the past year I have dealt with much upheaval in my life. The death of a relationship and all the sorrow that brings. Change in friendships, shedding of old and an invitation to the new. I’ve mourned a lot of loss in my life past and present. But in through the act of grieving I’ve free up space for new experiences, new happiness and joy. I feel like I’m in the flow of life, swept along in it’s current but instead of feeling helpless this time I feel powerful. New challenges and projects have arisen and with that fear and doubt. This is normal but lately these barriers don’t seem as daunting.
In a few weeks I’m moving into a new home in a housing coop. There will be new surroundings, new people and new community. I’m looking forward to growing new relationships with others, with myself and the world around me. I’m looking forward to this new cycle of growth with excitement and wonder! So Merry Christmas everyone and I hope the New Year is full of new challenges and chances for growth for everyone!

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