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Finding the Energy

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

I’m tired. I have really been focusing on getting to be earlier. One would expect to be more energized from more sleep. Instead, it feels like I am simply rested enough to feel my fatigue. When I am operating with a major sleep deficit, I am tired, but I also have a well of adrenaline to draw from, and a certain numbness to the pain of being really tired. Now I feel slightly behind. I am rested enough to be fully aware of how tired I feel. On the positive front, I have just started to incorporate shakes back into my diet. Hopefully the high protein + greens in the morning will pep me up. Once I get working out, that will boost my metabolism as well. For now I am in the “dread” stage of getting back to my workouts. I really don’t want to start, but I know it will make me feel a lot better in just a week or two.

Tomorrow I have Liquor Kings practice, so there will be some solid cardio there. Until then, I have plenty to do, and I am rested enough to do it without being totally stressed.

Pitter patter..

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Back to School

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

It’s been a long time since I attended public school, but the timetable is burned into my psyche. The day after Labour Day is the start of a new year at a new grade. Ironically, if I was still in school, this year would be an exception, due to the ruthless union busting tactics in play by our provincial government, but I digress. Also, since my workweek starts on a Tuesday, instead of a Monday, I had an extra day before reality started to close in on me.

This morning, as I woke to my alarm, I heard the sound of our furnace kicking into gear. It is the first time in months. Summer is over. Winter is coming. I have a lot of fear, as I tend to put pressure on myself. What are my goals for this upcoming month?

Back on my 4-hour body plan. I am dreading my first workout, but I know it will feel good to get back up to speed. I just had my first yummy bean/protein shake in months this morning. I am also trying to incorporate a rigid routine that so far includes making shakes and programing the coffee maker before I go to bed at night. Also, I aim to be ready for bed by 9PM. A good day starts the night before. It does feel good to wake up and have things ready for me, including a fresh pot of coffee. Other goals include completing my application for a UK passport, and re-jigging my banking practices.

Stay tuned kids, as I also aim to resume the daily blog, and the weekly WAYGD podcast.

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Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

I forgot to blog this morning, but at least I get a second chance. My weekend starts now, followed by a 1-day work week, followed by my Vacation. This I what happens when you change your workweek after booking your vacation. 4 more sleeps until SK.

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A Good Start

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

If you really want to start your day right, you gotta get on it before you go to bed.

Today I started the day making coffee and breakfast shakes in a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Yesterday I started the day in a clean kitchen with a pre-programmed pot of coffee brewing, and my breakfast shake waiting for me in the fridge. When it was time to get dressed, my clothes were ready for me. I had lots of time to blog, and drink coffee.

Today I have some slack because I still don’t snooze, and I am taking the car to work, but I lost a lot of time prepping coffee and shakes, and now I have to go digging for a wardrobe. No time for a leisurely Joe. It’s post the blog and go.

3 wins for the day.

  1. I didn’t snooze: when my alarm goes off, I get up and get at it; mind you I woke up before my alarm, and reset it for 15 minutes later, but I didn’t hit the snooze button. This is one good habit I have managed to retain all summer, despite my diet and exercise plan falling by the wayside.
  2. I am blogging in the morning for the 3rd time in a row – much better than having to write something before I can go to bed.
  3. I did my 5 minute cold shower. I considered skipping it, but I feel so good when I actually do it. It also makes me more comfortable throughout the day, as my metabolism is much better at regulating my internal temperature.

Gotta go – have a swell day, kids.

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Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

Today I used green beans in my shake instead of the usual mixture of pinto / kidney / black beans that I usually use. It was really nasty. Big win for the day? .. 2nd consecutive morning blog. Not much else in the above and beyond category. 6 more sleeps until my Holiday.

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Back at’er

Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Terry's Blog | 0 comments

I just had a wonderful 5-day weekend. We celebrated 10 years of blissful marriage. I got to read an entire novel in one day, mostly in a deck chair in our yard. I got to sleep in until I was too bored to stay in bed. It was awesome. I caught my breath, and brought my blood pressure down several notches.

Now it is back to work. Today is the first day of my new position at a higher pay grade. I only have to put in 6 days before I fly away to Saskatchewan for 2 weeks, so I think I can get through it without getting too stressed.

I weighed in at 263.4 lbs this morning. I was down to 240 less than 6 weeks ago. How long will it take to get those 20+ pounds back?

Oh! One more thing. I want to focus on becoming a checklist guy. I have talked about it from day one of this podcast, along with several goals that I have already failed to meet. Fuck-up; Get-up;Keep moving.


The saga continues – let’s see if I can get back to the daily blog thing too. This is a morning blog – I shall endeavour to keep my posts as a morning thing too.

Have a swell day, folks.

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