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Send in your Polar Bear 2014 photos.

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Polar Bear Swim 2014

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Hey Kids,  Our plan is to be by the English Bay beach house by 1:30 PM and hang a banner.  You  need to register if you want to swim.  Registration runs from 12:30 – 2:30 PM  Dip time is at 2:30 PM.

See You There!


There is more information here:

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On January 1 2014 Terry and Hamm, the Waddayagonnado boys will be taking part in the Annual Vancouver Polar Bear Swim at English Bay.

We will be hitting the chilly waters in hopes of raising our metabolic rate enough to burn off a few of those Christmas calories!

We’d like you to join us on the day of the swim to help document this momentus occasion. Whoever takes the best photo and shares it with us will be showered in prizes! You could win a Waddayagonnado T-shirt in the style of your choice from BangOn T-shirts, and a giant novelty cheque (value five dollars)! 
We will be posting weekly video updates of our journey as we prepare to take the plunge. So follow us on Facebook, Twitter and This is gonna be fun. Stay tuned for more!

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