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Episode Thirteen – Ani Kyd

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in 13) Episode Thirteen - Ani Kyd, Podcasts | 0 comments

anikyd1Meet Ani Kyd.  Creative powerhouse!  Musician, composer, actor, director, producer, mother, vegan activist, motorcycle enthusiast, long-time pal of the guys, and all-around swell woman.  She christens “The Rec Room” in Terry’s basement, by sharing her story with the guys.  Born and raised in Eastern Ontario with a creative family that moved to BC when she was a youngster, she started a string of bands, including one whose edgy antics attracted the attention of the Vancouver Police.  Her saucy nurses outfit landed her a role in a video with Jello Biafra, which blossomed into a deep friendship, and a successful relationship with Alternative Tenticles Records.  Her latest release, Entangle, has already been enthusiactically received throughout the planet, and features several co-compositions with Hamm.  All this, and much more.
Keywords: Alternative Tentacles, Rumble Fish, Spank Machine, Spanking Betty, Petrbulit, Fuel Injected .45.

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